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The good old tape had almost disappeared but it's back and also becoming a collector's item, like vinyls, for many deathmetal, grindcore, punk and hardcore fans. Which you might actually know already. We are musicians too and we can tell you that the cassette tape still has its place on a merch table, while remaining affordable! Talking about the product itself, you can customize the jacket and the case as you wish, but also the tape itself with a wide choice of colors and patterns. Put the name of your band, the title of the album... let's be creative!

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The cassette was one of the first technologies that made it possible to share music and recordings on a large scale. The cassette provided the opportunity to record live performances and songs for non-professionals, which was not possible at all until the 1960s. The songs were from then on available at all times and the ability to create a mixtape to give to friends that people would take the time to record and put together made this act very meaningful.

Nowadays, we are witnessing a strong comeback of the audio tape, both in underground circles, whether it be black metal, grindcore, fast punk or even hiphop, but also among nostalgic people from this distant era, whether they are young or not so young. Even the greatest musical artists are releasing their cassette albums again in addition to CDs and vinyls, so why not you? This will make your website and your merchandising booth completely unique!

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