12-inch vinyls

Make your band bigger by relying on 12 “ vinyl pressing. We handle your LP's personalization.

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Tips & Advice Tailor-made free shipping
Tips & Advice Tailor-made Tips & Advice Tailor-made
File checking and proof included File checking and proof Included
Pay in 3 times, free of charge Pay in 3 times, free of charge

It's not only at gigs that your fans will enjoy your music. Thanks to the 12 inch vinyl, they will be able to listen to your music at home, spinning your record on the turntable! Not only is it a physical support for your songs, it is alsol a gorgeous object that will emphasize on the design that you want to develop. The 12 " vinyls can be printed in whichever color you want, starting from a 100 copies, either in 140 or 180 grams! We suggest you use the template provided to customize the vinyl sticker and its cover. The process is intuitive and only takes a few minutes, so get started!

The customization and delivery steps

Personalization 1
Personalization Customize and order your products using the best advice from us
Check 2
Check Checking and adjusting templates: 48 hours, working days for a proof validation
Production 3
Production 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the products ordered
Shipping 4
Shipping 1 to 7 days, depending on the option chosen
Vente 5
Vente Sell live, online or at your concerts