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Find here a very large choice of customizable sweaters. You will find hooded, zipped models, but also crewneck sweatshirts with round collar. Passing through the hands of our screen printing professionals will transform the sweatshirt of your choice into a unique garment. The personalization elements are printed on the chest for optimal visibility, but it is also possible to print on the back or on the sleeves.

If you are looking for a different design, don't hesitate to let us know, as musicians in different punk, metal, hardcore or rock bands, Distrolution Merch knows your needs and offers you personalized merchandising adapted to your musical universe. Sweatshirts are a great way to showcase your band and are in tune with the spirit of your community. You can be part of a hardcore band and appreciate the softness of the fabric that makes them very comfortable to wear... So don't hesitate to use them to develop your band's notoriety!

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