Bar tokens

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Bring the bar tokens back on!

Useful on several levels, they offer many advantages
A nice vintage touch and a collector's item. 
We offer environmentally friendly products made of recyclable material

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Bar tokens have been successfully used in bars around the world as payment for drinks for hundreds of years. They were especially popular in establishments in the United States and England between the 18th and 20th century but are still present today everywhere, just more sporadically.

Whether it is for a festival, a concert hall or even a bar, we offer you the opportunity to bring bar tokens up to date: for a little bit of vintage and above all great economic advantages.

Indeed, with the bar token, three things can happen:
- You can claim your drink on the same day...
- You save it for later and come back with some friends.
-You keep it as a souvenir In any case, the prettier the token, the more people will keep it!

Moreover, if you change them often (in the case of a bar or a theatre) or every year (for a festival), people will collect them for sure!
The little extra: we can also offer you some in recyclable and recycled material!

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