Stage Equipment

We are musicians, so are you. Our experience and our passion reunited help us anticipate your needs and we will offer you the perfect solutions to maximise your visibility. We know well that bands can go on very different stages and their settings can change a lot regarding this.

Your band’s fans know well who you are but the other members of the audience will maybe discover you for the first time. Help them to identify you easily thanks to the customized printing on stage equipment.

For starters, you can order drum stickers and a custom bass drum skin. That's not all, because we also offer you amp covers and the good old backdrops : many supports made to carry your band's identity wherever you play. All of these items are available in several sizes to fit the equipment used by your band and the size of the stages where you will play. And we guarantee you an impeccable finish (a detail that is of great importance in merchandising) and an increased visibility for all rock, metal, hardcore and punk events.

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Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)