Vinyl records have never disappeared from the musical universe even if digital medias have eclipsed them for a while. Today, they are considered like merchandising tools of choice. They come in several formats: 7", 10" and 12". The dimensions of the cover and the music duration per side are relative to the format. This is a thing to consider before starting the personalization process.

The number of tracks supported is also variable. More concretely, vinyl pressing is as much adapted to singles as to albums with more than ten tracks. The ideal type of vinyl pressing is therefore the one that best suits your band's needs and style of music: ambient doom metal, minimalist hardcore, stoner with big bass... The customization steps are easy to follow. Once your graphic file is ready, we send you a verified proof. Of course, it is only after we get your validation that we launch the processing of your order. The pressing time of the vinyls can be long sometimes.

Your band may have specific needs that you can't find in this section? Don't panic, we can provide you a personalized answer if you contact us directly.

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