How to sell your merchandise?

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Merchandising is much more than just a source of revenue: it is an extension of your identity and a way to create a lasting connection with your fans. But how can you maximize your sales? Let's first see how to optimize physical sales before discovering our new solution:

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Optimize Your Physical Merch Sales

Physical sales remain the classic method for artists, especially during concerts or events. Here are some strategies to maximize these opportunities:

Choose Your Stand Location Wisely

Select a strategic location for your merch stand at concerts or festivals. Make sure it is easily accessible and visible. A good presentation, with adequate lighting and highlighting key items, can also attract more visitors. Make sure to showcase your products at the best moment during your performance.

Offer Credit Card or PayPal Payment Options

To facilitate transactions and increase sales, it is crucial to offer credit card or PayPal payment options. By providing these options, you simplify the purchasing process for your fans and reduce potential barriers to buying.

Offer Exclusives

Offer exclusive or limited-edition products at your events. Items available only at certain performances can become highly sought after by fans, creating stronger demand.
It always makes a great impression to receive a badge with your band's logo when you purchase a CD or a vinyl.

Be Present at Your Stand

Fans appreciate personal interactions. Having band members selling the merch and chatting with fans can greatly increase your sales. This adds a personal touch that online shopping cannot replicate.

Sell Your Merch Online Directly with

After optimizing your physical sales, it's time to move on to your online sales strategy with Our platform offers a complete solution to sell your merch online.

Easy Creation and Management of Your Store

In just a few clicks, Distrolution allows you to create your own online store for free in less than 5 minutes. You can add your products, manage your stock, and track your sales, all on a simple and intuitive interface.

Increase Your Visibility

By integrating your store on, you benefit from visibility to a large audience of music fans already engaged and interested in merchandising. This will open doors and cross-selling opportunities with other artists.

Super Competitive Commissions

For independent bands, maximizing profits is crucial. That's why we have chosen to keep our commissions among the lowest on the market. Moreover, creating your account and store is completely free! By minimizing these fees, we ensure that you retain a larger share of the revenue generated by your merch. This approach will allow you to reinvest in your music and continue to offer quality products to your fans without worrying about excessive costs.

Special Offers, Discounts, and Promotions

To boost your sales and retain your fans, we offer all users of the site the ability to accumulate Distropoints with each purchase to enjoy great discounts.

A Community of Creators

Join a community of musicians and artists using Distrolution. Collaborate on exclusive projects, share ideas and strategies for your merchandising, and benefit from the experiences and successes of others.

In conclusion, by combining these practices with the advantages offered on our new site, you can maximize your merch sales and create a strong and lasting online presence. Start transforming your merchandising strategy now and exploit the full potential of your music on

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