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The cardboard sleeve CD is a timeless classic! Whether you need a promotional CD or a physical support for your demo or even your label sampler, it's the perfect product. We propose it at a very low cost. You will not be spending huge amounts of money in shipping fees.

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Tips & Tailor-made Advices Tips & Tailor-made Advices
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The cardboard CD sleeve cn be personalized in many, many ways. The only limit to your personalization is your imagination. But do not panic, we are a creative team and as a plus, we are all involved in the musical scene as well as in the merchandising world, which enables us to give you valuable advice. We know what you need and how to anticipate your needs. Have the design of your album ready and send us your mastered audio tracks, as well as the final graphics. We double check everything and we return you a digital proof for printing CD and cardboard sleeve. You have to confirm your order for a high quality CD pressing afterwards.

The customization and delivery steps

Personalization 1
Personalization Customize and order your products with the help of our best advices
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Check Checking and adjusting templates: 48 hours, 2 working days for a proof validation
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Production 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the products ordered (except vinyls)
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Shipping 1 to 7 days, depending on the option chosen
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Sell Sell live, online or at your shows