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The digifile CD case is the ultimate light packaging and it is also a merchandising ally of choice for your band.

Even if music is mainly sold online, people will always like to have CDs to add to their collection or to give to their loved ones! That's what sells best at the merchandising booths after a concert. Depending on the product, the price of our offers takes into account the CD, the printing of the cover and the booklet or poster, so you can easily add this essential element to your merchandising stand. It's also a great business card when it comes to promoting your band and working on your distribution in the specialized press.

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The digifile CD case doesn't contain a plastic tray, which makes it more compact and therefore cheaper to ship while remaining good looking. You can even insert a booklet or a fold-in poster. It's lighter and it's also easier to bring tons of them with you at your shows. There is nothing better than a personalized packaging. By using the template left at your disposal, you are certain that the design will be done without any mistake. Only thing left you've got do is to select the amount of CDs you want. We can press CDs from 300 copies, but duplication is possible from 50 units.

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