Plastic badges

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The laminated passes are a must-have in the organization of concerts and festivals, but you can also sell them on your merch table.

Easily identify each person's role
A real collector's item for your tours
Delivers exclusive content with a QR code on it

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All festivals need plastic badges to identify the different people circulating and needing to be recognized: organizers, journalists, band members, roadies... Resistant, design, it's also nice to put your festival logo on it so that people who participated in the festival can keep it as a souvenir!

Also, if you are a band and you need to recognize your roadies, give them a plastic badge decorated with your logo to be able to spot them even from a distance. You can also have small quantities made for your tour dates. You can sell them at your merch table.

These passes can also come with a QR code or a download code to give your fans limited access to bonus content! In short, you can do a lot of nice things with it!

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