Zipped hoodies

Make use of our skills in screenprinting to design hoodies with your band artwork.

Production & delivery time :  3 weeks
(deadline set after we've received files, payment and  signed digital approval)

Detailed description
Tips & Advice Tailor-made free shipping
Tips & Advice Tailor-made Tips & Advice Tailor-made
File checking and proof included File checking and proof Included
Pay in 3 times, free of charge Pay in 3 times, free of charge

You and your band make a big impression on stage? Do the same thing with your merch! What we have here is the timeless screenprinted zipped hoody. Be careful, it's not just any sweatshirt, but a zipped hoody that suits your preferences. For example, you can write the name of your group on the chest area, so that everybody can see it. You can also just use your the logo or go further by adding a personalized design on the back. Send us a message if you have any specific need are and we will send you a personalized quote. These custom zipped hoodies are perfect for your merch booth or as a stage outfit.

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The customization and delivery steps

Personalization 1
Personalization Customize and order your products using the best advice from us
Check 2
Check Checking and adjusting templates: 48 hours, working days for a proof validation
Production 3
Production 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the products ordered
Shipping 4
Shipping 1 to 7 days, depending on the option chosen
Vente 5
Vente Sell live, online or at your concerts