Baseball T-shirts

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What used to be worn by sports fans has now become a merchandising item loved especially by stoner bands, rock bands, skatepunk bands, sludge bands... You get the point. Customize your baseball shirt with your own band artwork!

Production & delivery time :  3 weeks
(deadline set after we've received files, payment and approved digital proof)

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The raglan t-shirt is much more original than a basic t-shirt, if you want to add a touch of fantasy to your merchandising offer and appeal to the aesthetic sense of your fans. Once reserved for stadiums, the raglan t-shirt is now a merchandising tool that is especially popular with stoner, rock, skatepunk, doom or sludge metal bands. Recognizable by its contrasting colors, the raglan t-shirt has become a fashion phenomenon. We offer you the possibility to transform it into a band t-shirt thanks to different customization options. The raglan t-shirt can be printed in a wide range of sizes. We have chosen a white background so that you can create a personalized raglan t-shirt with a high impact. Indeed, white contrasts with the bright, deep tones are commonly used by groups, but we have several possible colour combinations.

Do you want more customization options? Contact us and we will submit you a tailor-made proposal. This product is made of 100% cotton. We also offer organic and fair trade alternatives. It is a product very appreciated by our customers and is both inexpensive and of good quality, so your customizations will have a very smooth and detailed look. The sizes we offer are between S and XXL and the available colours are many and varied, so treat yourself!

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