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Give your bass drum a killer look to assert your band's identity. This way!

Printed on vinyl sticker for complex designs or cut for simpler logos, we set the sticker onto the drumhead in the best possible way. Your drumhead is ready to be used on your drum kit! Use our templates to make sure the port hole matches your design.

If you have any specific needs about a drum head brand, like Aquarian, Remo or Evans, drop us a message for a custom answer!

You can also find here all our scene equipments : backdrops, amp screens… 

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By customizing your bass drum skin, you will directly give a professional and classy look to your drums! At Distrolution Merch, we offer you to have a bass drum skin with your logo, your album cover or your artwork on it. For a maximum effect at a very affordable cost, in an irreproachable quality, we deliver the result directly to you.

Our bass drum skins are available in 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch sizes to fit all types of drums. Moreover, they can be in three different colors: white, black or transparent for the best possible visual and be adapted to the style of your band! The size of the event is 4 or 5 inches, with a reinforcing band in the color of your choice. We advise you to take a 5 inch event, which allows you to place any microphone in front of and inside your big box. The material used does not alter the sound in any way and guarantees excellent sound quality.

Don't hesitate, all the most classy and popular bands have a personalized bass drum skin, it automatically creates a great atmosphere and professionalism! This reinforces the image of the band in the fans' minds, they will be able to identify you visually if they don't know you before they see you in concert and their friends will be able to identify you when they post pictures of the event on the internet. Too easy to find you on Youtube and all your social networks afterwards!

Also, seeing your logo in action on stage will make people buy more merchandise with the same design because they will feel closer to you and your band! If you are not satisfied, we commit ourselves to replace the defective product as soon as possible because nothing matters more to us than your complete satisfaction.

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Personalization Customize and order your products with the help of our best advices
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Production 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the products ordered (except vinyls)
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Shipping 1 to 7 days, depending on the option chosen
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Sell Sell live, online or at your shows

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