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Make sure every stage you perform on looks like your headlining thanks to a 100% customized backdrop.

Production & delivery time :  2 weeks
(deadline set after we've received files, payment and  approved digital proof)

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Tips & Advice Tailor-made free shipping
Tips & Advice Tailor-made Tips & Advice Tailor-made
File checking and proof included File checking and proof Included
Pay in 3 times, free of charge Pay in 3 times, free of charge

The stage may be different each show but your band remains the same. You must therefore rely on merchandising to ensure visual consistency and thus help everyone recognize your band wherever you play. The simplest way is to order a backdrop: that big piece of fabric that become your band stage background. Whether you play in a club or a festival, we offer it in various sizes. Templates are available for you to facilitate the customization process. Let's go! You can add anything you want, whether it is text, photos or even both. The designing arrangement is up to you.

Since we're used to touring clubs and festivals, we can advise you on the most suitable dimensions and we guarantee you an easily transportable product as well as following the M1 & B1 fire standards.

The customization and delivery steps

Personalization 1
Personalization Customize and order your products using the best advice from us
Check 2
Check Checking and adjusting templates: 48 hours, working days for a proof validation
Production 3
Production 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the products ordered
Shipping 4
Shipping 1 to 7 days, depending on the option chosen
Vente 5
Vente Sell live, online or at your concerts